Chet Hogoboom

(Formerly of ) SoulSauce .

Singer, songwriter and frontman est. 1975. 



  • The Earls of Tuesday

This songwriting and recording project started up about 4 years ago with keyboardist Alex Kizanis.  Alex and Chet, who had played in the Chester band in the early 80’s, decided to meet once a week for songwriting sessions. After a productive period of writing and recording they were lucky to bring Martie Echito into the fold with his writing, recording and multi instrumental skills. 

This resulted in a large batch of songs aimed towards a 2019 CD, with performance dates to follow.

  • The Soul Sauce Band 

Soul Sauce disbanded at the end of 2016 after 7 years as a hardworking and popular band on the Central Coast. With the advent of bass player vocalist Bruce Sorensen moving to Oregon the band members moved in different directions.  Tommy fronting his group Tommy Lee and the Portigees, Dean playing with any number of hot bands in the area and Chet taking some time off to travel and spend more time with family in the southland. 

Here is some background on Soul Sauce. Chet “CT” Hogoboom and Tommy Lee Nunes a San Luis Obispo based singer songwriter duo had started work on a new album of original material and were trying to find the right musicians to play on it. Looking for a live in the studio sound they tried different combinations of players until they rehearsed with Keenan Michael Vallone on drums and Bruce Sorensen on bass. This combination clicked so well and so quickly not only did they record the new album “SoulSauce”, but started a new band of the same name. With four different singers, lead vocals are passed around and harmonies abound. Couple that with a group of guys that can groove and you’ve got The SoulSauce Band.

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"CT" and Tommy Lee. photo by: Capri Gliddon   Click above image for more promo pictures!

"CT" and Tommy Lee.
photo by: Capri Gliddon

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